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What types of containers do you offer?

In addition to standard containers, we offer new containers and special containers in various sizes, colors and qualities, such as sea containers, refrigerated containers or even office containers.
If you need help with the right selection for your individual project or are interested in conversions, you can reach us at any time by phone, by mail or by contact form.

What container sizes do you offer?

We offer containers in 8 FT, 10 FT, 20 FT, 30 FT, 40 FT and 45 FT sizes as standard. Depending on the size, we have different types of containers in our range, such as 8 feet office container, 20 feet flat rack container or 40 feet dry van container.
If you are interested in special sizes, we are available by phone, mail or contact form.

What qualities do you offer as a container trade?

By default, you can buy or rent new and used containers from us. Our new containers we offer incl. prefix and 5 years CSC.
As container trade we offer used containers in cargo worthy condition. These are wind- and waterproof, 12 months CSC certified and therefore accordingly approved for intermodal transport.
Please feel free to contact us, so that we can find the right quality for your individual project - we are available by phone, as well as by mail and contact form.

In which colors (RAL) do you offer your containers?

Containers are available in all possible variations and colors.
If you wish a certain color (RAL), we will repaint the containers according to your ideas.
Please contact us in this regard by phone, by mail or by contact form and let us know your ideas and the RAL color shades.

What documents or information are needed for the acceptance of the containers?

For the acceptance at the depot an exemption reference is required, which authorizes the principal to accept the containers.
This information can also be passed on to third parties within the supply chain.

What is the purpose of the CSC badge and what is its validity?

For containers, the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) badge is comparable to the TÜV. The tests in this regard refer to the technical safety of a container and they must be carried out at various intervals: For new containers, they are carried out immediately after production, so there is a validity of 5 years. After this period, the owner must ensure that specialized personnel carry out inspections and tests every 2.5 years in order to maintain the standard. The validity can be read from the sticker of the CSC badge. Another procedure to ensure the safety of the containers is called ACEP (Approved Continous Examination Program).
An equal safety standard is realized by regular internal control procedures, so that a container with ACEP is checked for its technical safety at every delivery and receipt. A container with ACEP has a different sticker without validity, due to the constant controls.
When you buy new containers from us, there is always a CSC certificate with a validity of 5 years, for used containers we guarantee CSC for 12 months. We will gladly issue CSC certificates to you upon request. They contain the gross weight, as well as net weight and empty weight of the container.

Is there a possibility of repurchase / buyback abroad?

If required, we will buy your no longer needed containers and, if necessary, pick them up from you worldwide.
Due to the global network of our container trade, we can offer you conditions in line with the market worldwide.
If you are interested in buying back/buying back your containers, please feel free to contact us by phone, by mail or by contact form.

Do you also deliver the containers to the customer or to their desired delivery address?

Every sold container is offered with the suitable transport on your request, so that you get your container exactly where you need it.
You have questions about our container transports? Our team will be happy to answer all your questions! Just contact us by phone, contact form or mail.

How much lead time is needed for a container transport?

Of course, the more lead time we get from you, the better we can plan and utilize our capacities. However, even with short-term delivery dates, our team will be happy to check the possibilities and try to arrange everything for your container transports. - Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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