40 ft Flat Rack Container

Flatrack containers, also known as flats or open-top open-sided containers, are particularly suitable for transporting bulky and oversized loads, such as large machine parts, that do not fit in a standard container due to their open design. By fastening them with straps and chains to the designated fixing points, safe transport is ensured. The entire construction is made of a steel frame and has a floor made of extremely strong material. Unlike standard containers, the 40-ft flatrack container does not have side walls - only end walls are provided. A distinction is made between two variants: Fixed End and Collapsible. Fixed End Flat Rack containers have fixed end walls, whereas Collapsable containers have collapsible side walls. The payload of a 40 FT flat rack container is approximately 35 tons.

40 ft Flat Rack Container specification

  • Steel floor, plywood floor
  • 2 end walls, no roof or side walls forklift pockets
  • 20ft flat rack and 40ft flat rack - new and used Heavy and bulky loads

40 ft Flat Rack dimensions

Inside measurements

Length11.884 m
Width2.082 m
Height2.270 m
Volume56.2 m³

Outside measurements

Length12.192 m
Width2.438 m
Height2.591 m
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Slight deviations cannot be ruled out due to the different series. Container dimensions according to DIN / ISO 668.

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